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Garnet Tree Of Life

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GARNET is a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone.  It cleanses and reenergizes the chakras.  It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.  Garnet inspires love and devotion.  It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.  Garnet is a helpful crystal to have in a crisis.  It is beneficial in situations where there seems to be no way out or life has fragmented or is traumatic.   Mentally, Garnet helps you let go of useless, old, or obsolete ideas.  It opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence.  It stimulates metabolism.

The pendant measures 1 ¾ x 1 ½” and comes with an 18” Copper chain or cord.

The tree is wire wrapped with copper wire and Garnet chips.